Derrick Shields

How YOU Can Help Our Honeybee

Derrick Shields is a 4 year beekeeper and bee relocation specialist. He is a member of multiple bee organizations including BACA – Beekeeper’s Association of Central Arizona (azbeekeepers.org), has studied at ASU Bee Lab with professor Osman Kaftanoglu, Pyrotechnic Campus and has removed/relocated over 180 honeybee swarms and existing colonies (mostly swarms though) and requeens the colonies. He has also presented at public libraries on the significance of bees and what beekeepers do, is the official beekeeper of The Farm at Agritopia in Gilbert, and for Sloan Park and the Chicago Cubs spring training facility in Mesa, and was subsequently featured in a short video presented by BITE (readbite.com) & Food Talkies (foodtalkies.comhttps://vimeo.com/188171839.

How YOU Can Help Honeybees

Bees are fascinating insects and hopefully we all understand their significance in pollinating over 80% of the world’s food crops. Honeybees create honey, beeswax, propolis, bee bread and royal jelly and people have used these items to make products like lip balm, soap, candles, mead, eye shadow and hundreds of recipes with honey. There are a number of different ways that we can help honeybees and understand them better and Derrick will explain many of these ways.



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