Mike Hills

Gardening for Arizona Bees

Mike grew up in Southern California and Arizona, and has gardened in Arizona with his family since moving to Tucson in 1965.  Mike kept honeybees as a teenager in Scottsdale in the 1970’s, before the arrival of the Africanized honeybees, and is in the process of starting beekeeping again with his sister Marie.  Native bees as well as honeybees have always fascinated him.  His interest in gardening lines up well with interests in all of our native pollinators.

With a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and Plant Sciences from the University of Arizona CALS, Mike has worked in the turf and forage planting seed industry since 1980, working with customers throughout the USA and overseas.  He serves on the board of the Arizona Crop Improvement Association, and currently chairs the Maricopa County Extension Advisory Board.  A Maricopa County Master Gardener since 1996, Mike speaks on a number of gardening and pollinator related topics and also guides historic herb use tours at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Past President of the Arizona Herb Association, Mike manages the herb demonstration garden at Maricopa County Extension with fellow herbie and MG Pam Perry.


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